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What does this mean?

What does this mean?

In general, tempered glass products have internal stress locked into the molecular structure, acting like internal springs. External stresses are transmitted through the material and the forces are balanced by those internal springs.

Through manufacturing imperfection, or through processes that degrade all materials over time, there may be small imperfections in those internal springs. At some point, an external stress (typically small) pushes against those imperfections, breaks one spring, making more or larger local defects - the fault cascades through the material, and many springs break at once, making for a dramatic event.

A similar process occurs in automotive safety glass, although it is manufactured as layers of different materials and is specifically designed to relieve the internal stress in a way to shatter into large, less sharp pieces.

Tempered glass products such as Pyrex usually work great again and again, until one day, poof! Knowing this, whether or not to use them, and how to use them, within the restrictions disclosed by the manufacturer, is a personal choice.

"Bending the cost curve" will come more from clever advances in technology and business than from ACA.

Does this count as meeting the intent of the test?  Perhaps there are degrees of Turing-ness to be defined…?

Better than TOR?

It will be wonderful… but getting there is not easy.

Al Lewis, a member of the ActiveCare advisory board and the author of Why Nobody Believes the Numbers, added, "This is terrific — a 21st century intervention for the same price as the old-fashioned technology it replaces, creating a can’t-lose ROI. The mHealth strategy deployed here is likely to be the future model for managing chronic illness.”

This looks interesting, a step beyond the QR codes printed on the back of business cards.  You did print them on the back, right?  Like, they would look weird on the front….  

This is invisible… coming out soon… for iPhone first… the missing link between tradition and technology.